Challenged with targeting a broad mid funnel, 50+ audience, we designed a responsive landing page experience with engaging content and relevant creative messaging, coinciding with a FaceBook and Display campaign launch.

A key component of the digital growth plan was to target users stuck in the middle of the marketing funnel–those who are aware of the brand and even engaging with AARP, but who are not yet ready to join.

By leveraging existing activity, we targeted prospects with more intentional messaging that showcase the real benefits and with greater integration with the AARP brand. The benefits of this approach are many and include. One Voice – Membership marketing is integrated with the one voice of AARP and is helping tell the brand story, reinforcing the companies mission and work. Meeting our audience where they are – Through paid media, we engaged the 50+ audience where they are digitally.

What we know?

  • Having the right creative drives an 8X lower CPC cost
  • The average 50+ adult consumes an average of 3 videos each day on Facebook
  • 75% of Facebook videos are consumed on Mobile, making a strong case for responsiveness
  • Multi-media formats are more engaging and generally drive higher CTRs

Some of the key challenges and features:

  • A strong Hero image of Denise Austin, as a key fitness brand ambassador—can be swapped for video content
  • Included “Full Body Fitness” DVD Premium as added incentive to Join
  • Social and Share incorporated for cross-channel engagement
  • Challenged with including lengthy content, we used color blocks to help break up dense copy and parallax scrolling on Desktop for added engagement
  • To keep the Mobile page length reasonable, the CTA links and video content were placed in a drawer and include Join and Renew CTA’s and related Health Videos
  • For Desktop, a sticky header is incorporated with persistent Brand recognition and Join and Renew links that appear on scroll





AARP ‘Active Lifestyle’ Responsive LP

  • User Experience

FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design
DISCIPLINE: Strategy + User Experience + User Interface
INDUSTRY: Cyber Security, Events, News