Clean Landing Page Pivot

‘Clean’ Landing Page Refresh
“2nd Member Free”


AARP’s prospects are age 45 and older, skewed slightly more female than male, 59% to 41%. And prospects who are interested in AARP match closely with the general 45+ audience segments—41% are green living enthusiasts, not parents and 33% are active shoppers and bargain hunters.



In terms of online search traffic, we know that 95% of AARP’s search volume is from branded search terms, meaning users have largely searched some variation of ‘AARP’. We also know that over 10,000 digital media-driven orders are the result of 10+ exposures to AARP ads within a 30 day period. As prospective members are aware of the brand having been exposed to on and off-line media, it’s safe to assume they are generally familiar with AARP’s brand, mission and somewhat aware of the benefits and discounts associated with becoming a member. To illustrate that in marketing terms, our audience is in the mid to bottom tier of the marketing funnel—users who are past Awareness and Cultivation and are actively considering becoming a member.

Our users are motivated

Remote User Testing

For our very first study we wanted to test the existing user experience of site entry and the Join flow to better understand our user’s goals and to identify their pain points. This would give us a baseline understanding of the existing user experience. We would then take our user’s insights to help inform the design pivots needed to optimize the experience. Here is a rough testing roadmap that came out of our early brainstorming session:

Early UT Roadmap

Opportunity: The legacy Landing Page suffers from poor Information Architecture (IA) and user engagement.
Goals: Gain a better understanding of our users, their goals, identify pain points of the baseline experience, and find commonalities so we could pivot and address fixes. Improve overall IA and UI of landing page for readability and usability. Improve Click-Thru Rates (CTR’s) with a more authentic and engaging experience.
Audience: Remote users age 50+, AARP members and non-members, desktop and mobile.

Test Collateral: Control user experience
1) .ORG Home Page and 2) legacy Landing Page through Join experience

Some of the questions we asked our panel included:

  • What are your initial impressions of this page?
  • Do you have enough information to beome a member?
  • How would you accomplish becoming a member?
  • What information would you expect to provide when becoming a Member?
  • What plan did you choose and why?
  • What did you like/dislike in the experience?

Member Benefits and Discounts (Control)

Join Expectations (Control)


Learnings on the legacy Join experience:

  • Users found ‘2nd Member Free’ to be a compelling reason to join
  • Users wanted more information on Member Benefits and Discount details
  • $16 price point is reasonable but would like more price transparency with the Auto-Renew offer
  • More clarity on healthcare and insurance products
  • Some users expected UN (or Email) and PW during sign-up
  • 95% of users selected the 1 Year with Auto Renew Membership term vs. 3 or 5 Year
  • Users requested 1 Year option at reg price with optional Auto Renew
  • Users want PayPal and Diners Club payment options
  • ‘Freebie’ offer would incentivize prospects to join

‘Clean’ Landing Page Refresh

The learnings from user testing the legacy experience (control) informed a landing page refresh. While not all learnings could be incorporated initially due to business constraints, we wanted to achieve a redesigned landing page that better aligned with our customers’ pre-to-post click experience. Our users are in the bottom part of the Consumer Decision Journey and are highly motivated, so we focused on a cleaner presentation of the content with emphasis on clarity, readability and the benefits associated with becoming a member.

Clean Landing Page

‘Clean’ Landing Page


  • Added hero image that communicates a Free 2nd member (spouse or partner) and better aligns with our audience
  • Prominent headline with bulleted copy focused on savings
  • Modern, accessible layout, with middle aligned content and a lot of white space
  • IA reorganized into themed content ‘buckets’ (Offer with Value Props, Benefits & Discounts, Publications, and Social Mission)
  • Added ‘sticky’ header nav bar with a persistent CTA button
  • More information and emphasis on Benefits & Discounts with Learn More links to expanded content
  • Added Member Benefits guide as a downloadable PDF
  • Larger fonts and spacing, optimized for readability
  • Single, isolated join CTA button in Hero image (with Renew text link option)
  • Added images with greater authenticity
  • Font adjustment added to mobile for better accessibility

Clean Mobile

‘Clean’ Landing Page Mobile


The ‘Clean’ landing page design was tested across SEM, Display & Social Channels. It was the first all-new template in over a year. It outperformed the control LPs by 15% CTR lift. 

Clean LP outperformed control LPs by 15% CTR Lift

Additional Remote User Testing – Member Benefits

For our next steps, we continued to further test and optimize the ‘Clean’ landing page. We particularly wanted to know what is the optimal amount of Member Benefits content on a landing page experience? This would inform a design pivot that would help uncover the incentives our bargain shopper demographic craves.

Benefits and Discounts – ‘Clean’ LP

Key Learnings

  • While some users thought they had enough information to join, other users reported wanting more details on benefits and real examples of discounts (consistent theme)
  • Good engagement with the Member Benefits guide PDF but may be perceived as ‘work’
  • Update headline copy and treatment for price transparency
  • Edit H2 header Benefits & Discounts, redundant

Design Pivots

One of the consistent themes uncovered through user testing is that users want more details and examples of real discounts, however the business limitations required that we serve equal parts ‘social mission’ content with benefits and discount content. We also see users who are satisfied with a just an overview of benefits and discounts. While the content was being created and awaiting legal sign-off before incorporating, we created a design pivot with the Member Benefits in a new tabbed UI treatment so we could get more content on page while not overwhelming the user. Then, we performed user testing with variations of headline, bulleted content, and Member Benefits treatment.

Clean Landing Page Pivot

‘Clean’ LP Design Pivot
with Expanded Member Benefits
and Downloadable Member Benefits Guide


  • Replace lightbox treatment with new tabbed UI to allow for more Benefits and Discounts content
  • Presenting the full Member Benefits guide would help satisfy users who want a deep dive
  • AARP logo added to headline for increased brand value
  • Price clarity in subhead, “Only $12 for your first year with auto-renew, normally $16”
  • Background added to offer to improve readability
  • Travel benefit to include flights, hotels and restaurants that resonates with users
  • Like the baseline test, users reported wanting more specific details on Discounts (due to business constraints this would be a future implementation)
  • Additional concepts included:
    • an Exit Pop lightbox with ‘Freebie’ that resulted in a +5-10% CVR lift (varies by audience)
    • a ‘Pick Your Premium’ concept that generated a +15% CVR lift (FaceBook source).
  • ‘Clean’ Landing Page used as a template to launch multiple themed campaigns by swapping out the hero image, copy and theme-specific content below the fold


CrazyEgg data
showing lots of engagement with Tabbed UI

Headline and Member Benefits – Preference Test

Since access to benefits is the #1 hurdle to a prospect becoming a member, we wanted to get more qualitative insights into what was the most compelling headline for users as well as to rank member benefits and get preference data for how the Member Benefits were laid out.

The pages tested were all variations of the ‘Clean’ Landing Page with 3 variations of headlines and bulleted content above the fold, and variations of the Member Benefits section below the fold (Version 1, Version 2, Version 3). Some of the test questions included:

  • Which version of the headline and bulleted content do you most prefer?
  • What are the top 10 member benefits you find most compelling to become a member (by rank)?
  • What are the top 10 benefits you are surprised by?

Headline – Preference Test

Member Benefits – Preference Test

Headline Key Learnings

  • Version 2 won as the preferred headline and bullet content, with 55% of users (member + non-member) selecting it as their preferred experience
  • Users that selected this version mostly preferred it for the bulleted content rather than the headline itself (2nd membership Free)
  • Some users did not feel that the “2nd Member Free” headline was as impactful as the others, and two users suggested combining the headline from Version 3 with the bullet points in Version 2
  • Some users were unsure of what “2nd membership” actually meant (can it be anybody or does it have to be a spourse/family member?)
  • Users tended to like the price clarity (only $12 for first year with auto-renew, normally $16)

Member Benefits Key Learnings

  • Version 2 won as the preferred benefits layout, with 50% of users (member + non-member) selecting it as their preferred experience
  • Overall, users really liked the icons used in Version 2, and the level of detail for text descriptions was adequate and easy to understand
  • Some users did not like having to download a guide while other users found it helpful
  • Users felt that Version 3 (current) displayed a bit too much information in a non-intuitive format
  • Responses suggest the possibility of combining elements from Version 2 and Version 3

Member Benefits Rankings

Compelling Benefits

Most Compelling Member Benefits

Surprising Benefits

Most Surprising Member Benefits

Future Pivots

  • Financial, Medical, Auto, Health, and Shopping benefits/discounts were rated the top 5 most compelling by both members and non-members combined
  • Shopping is one of the top most used Member benefits, is one of the top 5 most compelling reasons to join, yet users could be made more aware
  • Consider making the bulleted list under the headline the top 3 most compelling benefits and discounts: -Financial (life insurance, investment services, etc.) -Medical (prescription drugs and eyeglasses) -Auto (roadside assistance, rental cars, auto insurance, etc.)
  • Combine Version 2 with Version 3 to create a layout that includes icons, and present more benefits and discounts on the page with the same level of description as Version 2
  • Consider providing actual discounts underneath descriptions (% off on Shopping, Movie Tickets, Dining, Travel, Tech, etc.)
  • Consider organizing 2 columns into clearer “Discounts and Advocacy” themes
  • Consider using the headline in Version 3 that emphasizes price clarity
  • Consider a “View Guide” option that allows users to view the Member Benefits Guide in a new window—’Download’ perceived as work

Next Steps:

User Testing the Join flow




AARP ‘Clean’ Landing Page Refresh

  • User Experience

The 'Clean' LP was tested across SEM, Display and Social channels. It was the first all-new template in over a year.

• +15% CTR lift vs controls
• 'Clean' template used to launch multiple campaigns
• 'Freebie' +15% CVR lift
• 'Testimonial' +14% lift

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DISCIPLINE: Strategy + User Experience + User Testing
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