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'Clean' Cart - Membership Term, Step 1

‘Clean’ Join Cart
Plan Select, Step 1


Following the user testing of the Landing Page experience and Member Benefits, we wanted to get more user insights into the actual Join flow.

We were actively quant testing a live control cart experience against 3 variations. All carts required the user to select from 3 available plans (1, 3 or 5 year terms), that appeared in different locations for each cart, and all but one cart was a 2-Step process.

The one I designed (the ‘Clean’ cart to match the LP), isolated the plan selection in Step 1 where the user could compare and select from the 3 membership terms. The other 3 carts had the plan selection inline with other data fields. User testing would shed light on our users perceived workload, identify pain points and term preference.

Remote User Testing

Opportunity: Low Conversion Rates (CVR’s) in the Join flow could be improved
Goals: Gain a high level understanding of user insights and preference data of 4 different cart options, preference for a 1 or 2-step cart, member term selection and overall IA to inform an optimized Join cart experience
Audience: Remote users age 50+, prospective members

Test Collateral:
4 different cart prototypes

Cart 1 (2 Step, Term & Application), Cart 2 (2 Step, Term & Billing), Cart 3 (1 Step, Term & Billing combined), Cart 4 (2 Step, Application & Billing)

Cart Test

 4 Cart Comparison

‘Clean’ Join Cart update

  • Membership Term selection isolated in Step 1
  • Cart optimizations were made to address user pain points including:
    – DOB and Date, removed dropdowns in favor of text input and a better mobile experience
    – Removed unnecessary form fields
    – Added Email and PW fields (as needed for Registration, expected by earlier user testing)
  • Prechecked Billing address same as Mailing in div, unchecking expands to reveal editable fields
  • Highlighted value of 1 Year AR, hassle-free, cancel anytime
  • Added ‘Print’ to Thank You page
  • Added links for better discovery, Member Benefits PDF, Staying Sharp, AARPNow app, and #Disrupt Aging products
    – We know that there is higher retention rates when members begin using benefits within 3 months

Some questions and tasks we asked our panel included:

  • Please visit this cart prototype and describe your initial impressions, like and dislikes.
  • Which cart made the most sense to you and which do you think would be the easiest to complete?
  • Was the information we asked for in the Join process 1) Too much, 2) Too little, or 3) It felt about right?
  • What ideas do you have about how the Join process could be improved?
  • What membership term did you select and why?
  • How do you feel about automatic renewal?

Cart Preference Test

‘Clean’ Cart – Membership Term, Step 1


Learnings on Cart Preference and 1-Step or 2-Step:

  • 70% of users preferred Cart 3 with the 1 Step cart, largely due to the perceived simplicity
  • Users found the large buckets for the Membership Term selection (V1, Step 1) unnecessary and confusing
  • Users want to be able to end their membership at any time
  • 2nd Member details need more clarity, “Is anyone eligible?”

'Clean' Cart - Membership Term, Step 1

Triangulating Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Triangulation and K.I.S.S. hypothesis

Quant methods rely on using large sample sizes to establish trends and gives you the what. Qual data is good for getting a more in-depth, contextual understanding of why those trends occur. A combination of the two provides you with what you need to make an informed decision.

Occasionally, the Quant and Qual results are not aligned. In our case, the Quant winner was Cart 1 (with a +11% CVR lift vs. the controls), whereas the Qual winner was cart 3 (with 70% user preference). The importance of this is proof that we can’t always rely on one testing methodology over another.

When we triangulated Quant and Qual data, we concluded that while users might be more engaged with the aesthetics of the ‘Clean’ cart, user sentiment favored a 1-Step cart. We hypothesized that users just want the process to be easy, and arrived at pivoting with a 1-Step version of the ‘Clean’ cart (a combination of Cart 1 and 3). This test would inform our next pivot, a K.I.S.S.—just “Keep It Simple” approach.

Learnings on ‘Clean’ Cart and Membership Term

  • 60% of users selected the 1 Year term with auto-renew, however forced AR causing friction, should be optional
    – Users are surprised that there are multi-year plans
  • Email and PW fields were effortless and even expected
  • Amount of fields ‘felt about right’
  • Can a younger than 50 year old spouse join?
  • Date fields (DOB and CC Exp) need consolidation and further optimizing—1 field with auto-advance, ever-present format hint, eg. MM/YYYY
  • Revise ‘Print’ on the confirmation page to ‘Print Card’ for clarity

User Insights:

“I would try to include a small explanation of benefits on the cart page. I would be sure that the cart includes clarity for the $12 auto renew for the first year.”
“Overall, it is a very simple process. The one page option would certainly be preferable. I always believe that less is better!”
“I prefer short pages and fewer steps.”
“Keep it simple and all on one page, but be sure to add a password feature.”
“I would like a fourth payment option for a one-year membership that does not require auto-renew.”
“Make the sign up process more secure”
“I would like the option to pay via PayPal”

Next Steps:

K.I.S.S. flow pivot Design and User Testing




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