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After user testing the legacy Join experience and getting user insights into Cart preferences, we decided to try and simplify the Join process with a K.I.S.S. approach— just “Keep It Simple”.

Our hypothesis was that by applying a 1-step flow and replace the 1, 3 and 5 year plans with a simple 1 Year with a $12 introductory offer with automatic renewal, it would be the simplest way to join. Any subscriptions lost would be made up by increased renewal rates. With this in mind we set about creating a cleaned up 1-step cart with automatic renewal to test with prospective AARP members.

Remote User Testing

Opportunity: Improve the Join experience with a simplified cart, 1 year term with optional Automatic Renewal (to replace multi-year plans)
Goals: Reduce friction in cart by addressing user pain points and simplified plan selection
Audience: Prospects, aged 50+

Test Collateral:
‘Clean’ Landing Page through Join K.I.S.S. cart
 (staging url)

Cart Design Pivots:

  • Best of 1 and 2-step carts
  • K.I.S.S. approach with 1 Year auto-renew opt-in
    – ✓ Yes, sign me up for auto renew. Cancel at any time.
    – Opt-out removes discount
  • Added cart price treatment for clarity
    – Dual card image reiterates 2nd Member Free offer as incentive
    – Itemized price treatment reiterates discounted offer
  • Added brand and Member Benefits to ‘sticky’ left rail to reinforce value
  • Added security identifiers to address security concerns raised
    – SSL verbiage, McAfee seal, accepted cards near CC field, background color to Billing
  • Added macro copy to address Spouse’s age friction, “No age requirement”
  • Removed Stepper, not needed
  • Optimized verbiage to align with Best in Class subscription models (eg. AAA, Amazon, Hulu etc.)
    – Annual Membership”, Primary Member, Secure Credit Card Payment
    – “Create Your Membership” replaces “Become a Member” headline

Some questions and tasks we asked our panel included:

  • What are your impressions of the Annual Membership offer?
  • Please select your membership term and complete the form using the information provided.
  • Did you elect to take the $12 offer for the first year with auto-renew?
  • Was the information we asked for too much, too little, or it felt about right?
  • Now that you’re a new AARP member, what would you like to do next?
  • What information do you expect to see in the member confirmation page?

Join K.I.S.S. Cart

1 Year Auto-Renew Impressions


Learnings on Join KISS Cart

  • 95% of users tested subscribed to Auto-Renew
  • Users appreciated price transparency ($12 1st year, $16 thereafter)
    – $12 price point is very reasonable
    – A few users missed the $16 normal rate, may need more clarity
  • Opt-in not clear to some users, selection should be more obvious
  • 2nd Member Free continues to be an incentive
    – Consolidate with LP verbiage for messaging ‘scent’
    – ‘Free Spouse/Partner’ conflicts with ‘Anyone in your household’
  • “Cancel at any time”‘ is very meaningful and relieves friction from auto-renew
  • Added security enhancements in Billing reduced user friction
  • Consider removing auto-advance in date fields, users expecting to Tab
  • ‘Click’ in date fields should remove hint characters
  • Consider adding PayPal and other payment options
  • Consider adding chat functionality
  • More details on discounts and benefits (consistent theme)

+2.4% increase in take rate for Auto-Renew enrollment

User Insights:

“It was quick and easy to fill out and I enjoyed the experience.”
“It was very easy and just what I would expect.”
“Very easy, intuitive and straight-forward.”
“Easy peasy, lemon squeezy”

Suggested Pivots:

Clean up remaining friction points uncovered in funnel
Consider replacing checkbox opt-in treatment with radio buttons for a more obvious selection (update below)
Consider more geo-specific treatment on the Thank You page to answer, “What’s in my area?” (i.e.. Yelp)
Add additional payment options (i.e., PayPal etc.)
Add real examples of Benefits and Discounts – consistent theme


Sketch with hi-level pivots identified

Cart Test

Join K.I.S.S. Checkout Pivots 

Design Pivots:

  • Auto Renew opt-in/out selection made more evident with radio button treatment
    – Detail tool tip added for greater clarity of terms
    – “1 Year – One-time Purchase” verbiage added for clarity of opt-out
  • Simplified header with “AARP Checkout” for brand trust and simplicity
  • Introduced ‘Div’ treatment with section headers to help scanability
  • Additional payment options added (PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.)
    – Div expands with applicable input fields
  • Persistent right rail with shopping cart treatment added
    – Revised with ever-present “Start Membership” CTA button
  • Freebie added to shopping cart for increased incentive

Next Steps:

Apply KISS Concept to Renewal Cart



AARP Join K.I.S.S. Cart

  • User Experience

K.I.S.S. cart and Auto-Renew adoption results:
Impact of Landing Page and Cart testing:
• +14% CVR increase QoQ

• +2.4% increase in take rate for Auto-Renew Memberships
• Projected direct mail savings for Year 1, $1.4 million for Joins, $320 thousand for Renews
• Auto-Renew rolled out as the new BAU

FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design
DISCIPLINE: Strategy + User Experience + User Testing
INDUSTRY: Cyber Security, Events, News