Edmunds Inside Deal Landing Page

Edmunds Inside Deal Thank You Page


In partnership with Acura, the Inside Deal program offers a cash-back incentive to purchase a new TLX or ILX.

Actions / Features:

A responsive landing page was created to introduce shoppers of this great offer.

• Highlighting the key value proposition, the incredible savings is presented in a powerful headline and repeated as a call to action in the offer.

• A security promise that we won’t share the shoppers information with the dealer until they are ready helps alleviate any friction and is placed near the conversion point

• Easy to scan instructions help readability and communicate the ease of how to unlock the offer

• Clearly defined vehicle features can be toggled between the two models using clean, tabular navigation

• Minimal and selective use of color helps focus the eye on the key conversion point


Edmunds Inside Deal Responsive LP

  • User Experience

FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design
DISCIPLINE: Strategy + Brand Management + User Experience
INDUSTRY: Automotive