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Fulfillment of Used+ Perks by a 3rd party is an unnecessary expense, with customers experiencing rejected applications and long processing times.

Actions / Features:

Working with Product and the Customer Experience team, we developed the Perks Activation Dashboard to bring Processing in-house.

I met with the Customer Experience team to understand their business requirements and to understand what pain points they hear from our customers, and regularly met with them to get feedback throughout the planning and production stages.

The Dashboard was built on Google’s AngularJS framework to help reduce development times, increase testing efficiency and reduce page load times.

The Result:

Once we brought the process in-house we not only had more control over processing orders, we also have better customer engagement and satisfaction.

Additionally, it helped the CE team to reduce processing expenses by 70% and increase order fulfillment time by 2x.




Edmunds Perks Activation Dashboard

  • User Experience

The dashboard tool has helped the CE team reduce processing expenses by 70% and increased order fulfillment time by 2x.

An unexpected, and welcomed outcome—the Sales team reported that they are able to close more deals since their Dealer Partners are much happier knowing the processing is in-house. Not surprising that more efficient processing keeps their customers happy!

FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design
DISCIPLINE: Strategy + Brand Management + User Experience
INDUSTRY: Automotive