Edmunds Used+ Landing Page

Edmunds Used+ Landing Page


The Used+ product launch was an opportunity to create a new Landing Page design.

Actions / Features:

Collaborating with the Executive Director of Content, Product and Marketing, we designed a Landing Page destination for Paid and Organic traffic to educate users on the benefits of the new Used+ product. Creating a wireframe in the process was an extremely important step for us to nail down and allowed the key stakeholders to be on the same page and sign-off prior to moving onto design.

As a new product offering our biggest priority was to educate our users of this new offering. So one of the first things we did was identified some key value propositions of the Used+ product that informed our headline and subhead. Our used car shoppers are hungry to find a good deal and are willing to do their homework and shop around for it. We focused the above the fold content with actionable messaging, “Shop used cars” and “Get more value on your purchase with Used+”. This aligns with the core intent of our users—shopping for a good deal.

The next important step was organizing the information architecture of the page that would align with our shoppers decision making process, what is Used+, why do I need it, how do I get it, and what to do next?

We all know that purchasing a car is filled with pain points, and even more so in the used car space. So with the launch of the new Used+ product we needed to highlight the value prop incentives that make the used car purchase a little less troublesome, specifically the 3 key features—the gas card, roadside assistance and 30 day warranty. These are all called out in the second section within tabbed navigation, allowing the user to find out more details on each.

The other key aspect was to illustrate how easy it is to redeem the incentives. These were broken down into 3 simple steps; submit your contact info, save the email we send you and then upload your receipt after purchase. Then, we introduce the shopping entry point for the user to begin the search.




Edmunds Used+ Landing Page IA

  • User Experience

FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design
DISCIPLINE: Strategy + User Experience + User Testing
INDUSTRY: Automotive