Used Mobile Lead Flow

Used Car Inventory Filtering

Used Car Inventory Filtering


The control page that we replaced did not call out the Used+ offering in any purposeful way. It was too busy for a mobile device, had poor usability and lacked the ability to sort through inventory.

Actions / Features:

The UX/UI was improved by implementing Used+ incentives as key motivators, and an overhaul to the UI with geo-filtering and sorting among other improvements.

• Improved visibility and engagement of the Used+ offering
• As the $200 gas card is the main Used+ incentive, a simple header was added to highlight it’s value
• Branded filter functionality added to view all Used+ vehicles
• Improve the mobile engagement

– Included Geo-search functionality, allowing users to limit their search radius by current location, zip code or by city search
– Added the ability to Filter vehicles by Year, Trim, Used or CPO, and Mileage among others
– Improved the user interface by incorporating flexible navigation options
– Added copy to more clearly communicate the process of submitting their information to the dealership as a prerequisite to get the offer


The A/B test showed a dramatic 52% lift in overall conversions vs the control.




Edmunds Used Mobile Lead Flow

  • User Experience

The A/B test showed a dramatic 52% lift in overall conversions vs the control

FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design
DISCIPLINE: Strategy + User Experience
INDUSTRY: Automotive