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Based in the UK, Yell is the equivalent of the US Yellow Pages. We worked with Yell to develop a reseller program that offers online services (websites, small SEM campaigns, optimized SEO pages and content) to small businesses.

Actions / Features:

The websites are designed for two key functions: they must engage users to call the merchant as well as be flexible and appropriate for a variety of SMB’s that have an array of products and service offerings in throughout London.

Working with Product, SEO and SEM stakeholders, we developed specs for maximum viability. Each website is designed to fullfill a number of minimum and maximum character count scenarios. Of course one of the biggest design challenges is creating flexible themes that work across a wide range of business verticals. The following elements were included for  Search Engine visibility and targeted lead-generation:

• Merchant Name or Logo
• Merchant Image (uploaded or chosen from a repository)
• One or more Merchant Business Addresses
• Link to Merchant Website
• Phone Number (Assigned Trackable TAS #)
• Google Map
• Call to Action
• 1-8 Merchant Attributes
• Social Networking Site Links
• Optimized Content


Over 230,000 websites deployed to date with new subscribers added daily.

  • Art Direction

Over 230,000 websites deployed to date with new subscribers added daily.

FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design
DISCIPLINE: Strategy + User Experience + Web Technology
INDUSTRY: Telecommunications