I was approached to create Landing Page template designs for the desktop to support AdMax® Local, a proprietary SaaS product that enables Yellow Page subscribers to benefit from high quality and profitable local search campaigns.

Small and Medium-sized business often do not practice online marketing because it’s too time consuming, expensive and difficult to manage. AdMax® Local is a product designed for Resellers, Directories, CMRs and other intermediaries to manage search campaigns for SMBs and report on hyper-local, optimized and relevant search engine campaigns.

Actions / Features:

• Sole owner of Design on the project and worked alongside the Global Managing Director, SVP, Directors and Managers
• I was instrumental to the team in defining product specifications
• Advocated and implemented a mobile first, responsive web design solution that would enable on-the-go customers the ability to view a mobile-optimized site using their smartphone generating highly motivated foot traffic to small businesses
• Helped define and prioritize content options (merchant logo, image, Call to Action and content categories) as well as what to show / hide content based on user relevancy
• Responsible for Art Direction, Design and Production of template designs that are both relevant and flexible to accommodate a wide range of business verticals
• Responsible for creating and delivering all visual assets, style guide and development specifications and coordinate with the development team


• Over 300 thousand websites deployed for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).
• Successful Pilot 1, proof of concept phase and secured move to Pilot 2 phase
• AML product is instrumental to key partner and clients relationships with MoFuse and AddPeople, UK

Yellow Pages, Canada – Responsive LPs

  • Art Direction

Over 300 thousand websites deployed for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design
DISCIPLINE: Strategy + User Experience
INDUSTRY: Telecommunications