Why Mobile Site Optimization Matters—6 Best Practices for Mobile Design

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The growing popularity of smartphones has sparked a dramatic increase in mobile search traffic over the past three years. As of the third quarter of 2011, the Nielsen Company reports that 43% of US mobile users own a smartphone, representing a 15% increase year-over-year from October 2010 to October 2011. Thanks to this spike in […]

Beringer Landing Page

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[nggallery id=7]   The most memorable wine tasting destination in Sonoma is quite easily Beringer Estates. Of course their wine is delicious, but the Beringer Estate and the Gothic style of the Rhine House is exquisite. Therefore the approach for the landing page was to leverage that experience using the iconic Rhine House – a […]

Chateau St Jean Landing Page

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[nggallery id=8]   A promotional offer with a consistent user experience from the creative, to the display ad and landing page. FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design DISCIPLINE: Strategy + Brand Management + User Experience INDUSTRY: Food Services

Viking River Cruises Landing Pages

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[nggallery id=4]   Viking River Cruises offers deluxe river cruising throughout Europe, Russia, and China. This is a selection of landing pages that focused on ‘Brand’ and ‘Regional’ search terms. [box type=”info”] The landing page created for ‘Brand’ and ‘Europe’ related search terms was A/B tested and resulted in an impressive 42% increase in conversion […]

Cellar 360 Landing Page

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[nggallery id=9] The concept for the Cellar 360’s redesign was to build a site that is more in line with the brand experience. Cellar 360 is located in Ghirardelli Square, San Fransisco and as the namely implies, looks much like a wine cellar with a red brick façade. The logo is recreated digitally to reflect […]

Big Web Phone Online Identity and Website

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[nggallery id=17] Online identity and website for this telecommunications start-up. FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design DISCIPLINE: Strategy + Online Identity + User Experience INDUSTRY: Telecommunications  

Yell Websites

[nggallery id=1]   Based in the UK, Yell is the equivalent of the US Yellow Pages.  We worked with Yell to develop a reseller program that offers online services (websites, small SEM campaigns, optimized SEO pages and content) to small businesses.  These websites were designed to perform two key functions: they had to engage users […]

Business.com Landing Page

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[nggallery id=2]   Business.com is a leading business search engine and business directory designed to help its users find companies, products, services and information. They requested a redesign that was clean and professional that allowed them to include revenue generating widgets with their SERP listings.  The solution was to prioritize content and to make links […]

Bob Vila Contractors Brand and Website

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[nggallery id=3] BobVilaContractors is a sister site to BobVila.com that connects homeowners with contractors. FUNCTION: Art Direction + Design DISCIPLINE: Strategy + Brand + User Experience INDUSTRY: Building Products and Services

Creating Better Web Forms

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You work hard for your clients. You create ad campaigns, speak at conferences, blog about new technologies, spend countless marketing dollars, all in an effort to send more clients to your site and garner their business. All your efforts may be in vain if your conversion point is a poorly developed form on your website […]